About the Campaign

Iowa State's Cyclones Care campaign promotes four healthy behaviors:

  • Wear a face covering
  • Physical distance 6 feet (2M) apart
  • Wash or sanitize hands often
  • Stay home when ill

The behavior messaging campaign kicked off with standard, fundamental signage created for campuswide use to provide consistent messaging throughout university facilities, buildings and grounds. The signage is designed for quick, easy, broad use and engagement. The general language is easily adaptable, providing a common, quickly recognizable experience in any campus location.

Cyclones Care also includes a website, videos, social media, digital displays, promotions and more.

The Cyclones Care development and creative teams consulted ISU faculty for their research expertise in behavior change and marketing. The team also worked with students and campus partners to keep accessibility and diversity top of mind. With their feedback, digital materials were developed with both "training" and "habit" messaging for each behavior.

The campaign has been extended into the Ames community, reminding Iowa Staters that practicing the four healthy behaviors is important both on and off campus. The campaign materials are openly available to all campus and community members

Graphic of two swans, with text reading Like a good neighbor, stay over there.
Graphic of a face covering with text reading Masking for a Friend