Influencer Campaign

Thank you for taking the time out of your fall semester to share this important message – Cyclones Care – with your classmates.

This guide is designed to help you use the many tools that have been created for the Cyclones Care campaign, including social media graphics and GIFs, logos, and videos that can be shared broadly to help maintain a healthy campus.

Four key behaviors

There are four behavior campaign priorities:

  • Physical Distancing
  • Wear a Face Covering
  • Wash or Sanitize Hands Often
  • Stay Home When Ill

Why not just put out my own message?

To be clear, (almost) any message promoting our four key behaviors is a good one. The benefit of the campaign, however, is that Cyclones Care unites students, faculty, staff, and community around a common mission of making our campus as safe as it can be, and completing the semester as planned.

Behavior messaging guidance

When producing Cyclones Care content (thank you!), these best practices will help create a consistent look and feel:

  • Use a combination of content to persuade the people in your orbit to adopt the four behaviors, alternating between video and photos/graphics, for example
  • Communicate the benefits of key behaviors. A friend may not be interested in wearing a face covering to protect themselves, but they may do it for you, their families, or neighbors. As the saying goes, “If you want this, wear this!”
  • Model the key behaviors yourself. Instagram posts are great – and highly encouraged – but it’s even more important for friends to see you wearing your face covering, or sanitizing your hands before class
  • Keep a positive tone. Try to avoid language that stigmatizes others

But really, just be yourself, and have fun.